For awhile I have been following 64 blogs because it is eight squared, which is two to the third power, and as a computer science person I have an automatic lady-boner for powers of two. However! My dash is too slow, and there are a few blogs I would like to follow but can’t because I don’t want to unfollow anybody to make room for them.

So solution! I am upping the amount of blogs I will follow to…256!! It is the square of 16, which is the square of 4, which is the square of two!!!! This number is perfect in every way!

But I need to follow exactly 192 more blogs. And I need to do it all at once otherwise my soul will hurt.

So if you blog Supernatural, Sam Winchester, Megstiel, Sabriel, Doctor Who, Classic, New, random stories, Castle, Walking Dead, Star Trek, anime, Tales games, books, fun facts, funny pictures of cats, not-porn (sorry; that’ll disqualify you), or…whatever. If you think I might have an interest, reblog this and I’ll look.

Thank you for listening to my ramblings. 

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